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Lac La Belle Cemetery in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin is a location with many strange stories attached to it.  The Nathusius monument seems to be the focal point of most of the reported activity.  It is a large granite statue depicting a sad woman gazing at the ground with a bouqet of flowers in her hands.  Many visitors have noticed odd things about the statue.  Some have reported the woman crying blood, or blood dripping from her hands.  Others claim to see a young girl in the vicinity of the monument.  When approached, the girl runs away and jumps into near by Fowler Lake.  The strangest  story is that the statue itself, has been seen walking away from the monument to the shore of the lake.

July 9, 2005  8:00pm - 10:00pm
August 13, 2005  7:30pm - 9:00pm

TriField emf meter, Trifield Natural em meter, noncontact infrared digital thermometer, Nikon digital camera, 2 digital voice recorders, 2 mini Dv video cameras, Hi8 video camera.  All video cameras equipped with night shot.
Jim, Holly, Trevor
Baseline readings:
emf: 0 - 2.0mg
temp: July 9, 2005 - 75
            August 13, 2005 - 70

After hearing of the bizarre stories surrounding Lac Labelle, we decided it would be worth the time to check it out.  Although, they sounded slightly over the top, we thought something strange could be going on there.  As the tales of these occurrences were spread, people probably elaborated on them.
On July 9, 2005, we arrived at the cemetery for our first investigation.  We decided to center our investigation around the Nathusias monument.  We took some baseline readings around the area, and all seemed to be normal.  Next, two video cameras were set up to record the area surrounding the monument from different angles.  The Trifield natural em meter was set up on the monument itself.  We decided to try and experiment with a Ouija board on this outing.  Trevor and Holly would attempt to make contact using the board while Jim monitored the cameras and meters.  We really didn't expect to get worthwhile results, but contrary to all of our beliefs, we did.  During the session we seemed to be communicating with someone named "Max."  Was there really some spirit controling the board?  Or was it just the unconcious movements of the people with their hands on the planchette?  We weren't sure but it did seem strange.  As the session was ending, the planchette moved from "good bye" to the numbers on the board, moving back and forth.  Every time it went back to the numbers it moved to the next one in the order of from 1 through 9 ending back at 0.  After the last number, the planchette went to "good bye" one last time, then it moved off the edge of the board.  We didn't think too much of the experiment at the time, because of the many theories explaining the movement of the planchette to be more of a pk phenomena caused by the sitters, not any spiritual interaction.  After we got home and went over the audio, video, and photographic evidence we were surprised by what we found.  On the audio recording during the ending of the Ouija experiment, an evp was captured clearly saying, "Go Away."  This corresponded with the planchette going to "good bye" for the last time, and moving off of the board.  When we looked at the video footage every other sound on the audio recording can be accounted for except for the unidentified voice whispering into the recorder.  A picture was also taken of the monument shortly after the end of the session, and an anomaly appeared between the woman and the granite cross.  It appears to be a face.  The evp, along with the video, and the photo led us to believe there might be something out of the ordinary going on there.  Whether it was caused by a pk release during the experiment or it was ghostly activity, we couldn't say.
A follow up investigation was decided upon.
On August 13, 2005, we returned to Lac Labelle.  We took baseline readings, and every thing seemed to be normal again.  Next we tried to set up the video cameras to film the monument again.  The problem this time was the amount of traffic coming through the cemetery.  People were constantly walking and driving through the area.  Groups of kids were chasing each other around, and some people were just parked in there.  With all of this activity going on we decided it would be useless to attempt any data collection.  This is an ongoing investigation.
 NOTE:  We do not endorse the use of OUIJA Boards, and only decided to use it this one time as an experiement. We have not and will not use it again, as it is an unreliable source for evidence.



The below EVP was recorded at around the same time as the above picture was taken.



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